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We are thrilled you could drop by!

We have moved to Nijverheidsweg 25M, 3534AM, Utrecht in 2020!

We loved visitors and a hot coffee is always waiting for you!

However, since Covid-19 and the constant recommendation by the Government that we should work from home as much as possible, we have almost gotten so accustomed to remote working unless necessarily.  

[ Business Partners including freelance contractors and influencer friends ]
Appointment required. Ensure you are have confirmed the appointment date and time with our respective staff you are meeting. If you have an appointment before 0800hrs, later than 1800hrs, Saturday, Sunday or Dutch public Bank holidays, ensure you have his/her mobile number with you. If necessary, we need to activate the opening of the automated central sliding gate for your vehicle to access our unit upon your arrival. You can drive directly to our 25M unit and park in either one of the 2 free assigned parking lots.

[ Bulk/Pallet Deliveries ]
Appointment required. We will only accept delivery from Monday to Friday (excluding Dutch public banks holidays) between 1000hrs-1600hrs. We have a forklift facility for unloading.


Important Note: Only Europallets (120cm×80cm (31.50”×47.24”)) are used and accepted.

[ Return of RMAs ]
Without an appointment, you can return RMAs in person from Monday to Friday (excluding Dutch public bank holidays) between 0800hrs~1800hrs. You can drive directly to our 25M unit and park in either one of the 2 free assigned parking lots. In the event there is no answer from the door, you can drop off your Returns in our Ez DROP-OFF BOX, just outside our roller shutter door. 

Important Note: Maximum parcel size of (42cmx32cmx25cm (16.54”×12.6”×9.84”)) are accepted. The longest side must not exceed 42cm(16.54”).


[ Cannot locate us on Google Map? ]
Because our business unit was only completed end of 2019, Google Maps may not have an updated version of street or satellite view. From the Openstreet Maps (below), you can easily locate us.



Extra note when driving from A2 and with an outdated GPS system older than 4 years : When approaching Utrecht, look out for A2 Ring Road / Maarssen and be ready to exit right.

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